A true Gemini, Jay Centeno believes that there are two sides to everything, especially in training your body to its greatest potential. His motto, "your defense has to be just as strong as your offense," means that your slow twitch, stability fibers are equally important as your fast twitch, explosive fibers.

Jay, the CEO and Co-Founder, has 8 years of group fitness experience as a master trainer and director of training for several boutique fitness gyms on both Coasts. Mixing his passion for group fitness, MMA, pilates and videogames, Jay developed  PACT PARK to be a high tech, high intensity experience to test your body and mind but also protect and strengthen your joints and ligaments.

As a former professional musician, Jay definitely knows how to put on a show. He develops every workout to intertwine fluidly with the mood and timing from start to finish of each playlist.