The Nexersys is a strike training machine inspired by MMA, boxing and karate. Strike training improves every type of physical capacity and proprioceptive ability: strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance. A recent study proves that a Nexersys workout can burn up to 5x as many calories as a treadmill!

Striking on a Nexersys delivers an interactive experience with real time metrics to help improve personal fitness. The Nexersys has 7 padded targets that direct you where to punch or kick. The padded targets mimic the location and movement of a personal trainer holding mits for you! Nexersys goes well beyond the punching bag because it stresses proper technique, accuracy, and speed as opposed to brute strength. Each strike pad on the Nexersys is wired to register the angle and force of each hit, calculating number of strikes, combos, power and accuracy.