Team Machine


Team Machine


Jay Centeno

A true Gemini, Jay Centeno believes that there are two sides to everything, especially in training your body to its greatest potential. His motto, "your defense has to be just as strong as your offense," means that your slow twitch, stability fibers are equally important as your fast twitch, explosive fibers.

Jay, the CEO and Co-Founder, has 8 years of group fitness experience as a master trainer and director of training for several boutique fitness gyms on both Coasts. Mixing his passion for group fitness, MMA, pilates and videogames, Jay developed  PACT PARK to be a high tech, high intensity experience to test your body and mind but also protect and strengthen your joints and ligaments.

As a former professional musician, Jay definitely knows how to put on a show. He develops every workout to intertwine fluidly with the mood and timing from start to finish of each playlist. 

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Layla Luciano

With over 20 years of martial arts training, a third degree black belt in karate and proficiency in kickboxing, strike training has been one of Layla Luciano's passions and her own method of working out since she was 5 years old! 

Layla, Co-Founder, started her fitness career 10 years ago when she started designing and teaching fitness programs/curriculum for elementary school students in public schools around the city. 2 years later, Layla continued to share her passion for fitness and the importance of building healthy bodies and lifestyles teaching her own classes at various NYC fitness studios including bootcamp, pilates and kickboxing.

Layla is known for her high-intensity, exhilarating workouts that activate both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers for a complete, balanced workout. Layla strives to give her students the strength and energy to be the best version of themselves and the love to improve their mind, body and spirit. Her teaching style is hardcore, no nonsense yet sassy, fun and full of energy. Layla is dedicated to teaching good form and making every second and every movement count!


Steven Mandolfo, a.k.a. Little Scrap, is an ex amateur fighter born and raised in Flushing, Queens. Scrap started boxing when he was 18, and competed for 3 1/2 years. Scrap specializes in teaching boxing technique, while developing the legs and core muscles. He follows an old philosophy that good boxers are built like buildings: from the ground up, with a solid foundation. With six years of teaching experience, using a blend of traditional and unorthodox methods, Little Scrap can teach anyone to box. The most important quality in a fighter is adaptability, and Little Scrap believes that also applies for teaching. Scrap is constantly evolving, exploring new ways to make my classes fun, educational, and one hell of a kick ass work out, Uh! 

Carmen Melillo

Carmen has been practicing martial arts since 2009, and specializes in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.  A native of CT, he currently resides in Queens and competes as an amateur. When not training, he can be found educating NYC youth.


Kendall Roach

From Miami FL, living in NYC, Kendall believes that tapping into one's athletic potential is not only going to enable them to have an amazing aesthetic, but much more importantly, he believes that it is a great way to improve how a person feels and functions in and with their human body and life. Kendall comes from a highly athletic background and has participated in every sport for all his life! He encourages an appreciation for how a person feels in their body and a focus on what they are capable of doing with their body rather than the superficial obsession with what a person's body looks like. Kendall understands and preaches that all is attainable with discipline, consistency, and "putting in the work."  Kendall keeps you engaged in your workout and will push your strength, performance and mind to the next level!